Critical Thinking Skill 4 is Using Analogies.

Rule for Analogies:

  • If an analogy has three strong propositions and no strong dissimilarities then it is strong.
  • If an analogy has less than three strong propositions. It is weak.
  • If an analogy has more strong dissimilarities than strong propositions then it is weak.
  • You are the best person to decide if an analogy is Weak or Strong.

How to use Analogies

  1. Explain your goal.
  2. Explain your propositions.
  3. Support your propositions with evidence.
  4. Explain your conclusion.

How to attack Analogies

  • Explain that your friend’s analogy does not match her goal.
  • Explain that your friend does not have enough similarities.
  • Explain that there are more dissimilarities than similarities.
  • Explain how your friend’s propositions don’t match her conclusion.